Lord shiva is called god of destruction. Lord Shiva is famous for his softness and as well as his direness. He is different from other God. Lord shiva has taken as god of Origin , stability and destruction. From trinity lord shiva is god of destruction. Shivalinga has worshiped as icon of lord shiv for centuries which is associated with worship of lord shiva. In Hindu religion from main 18 mythology there are many stories are related to statue of Natrajan in Skanda Puran and Shiv Puran 

There is a story in Sakanda Puran related to the statue of Natarajan according that once all of the sage residing at forest after leaving all illusions they became egoistic due to their power of tenacity. They started to think that normal persons are petty. Then Lord Shiva who was on Kailash that time saw all this and got an idea to break the ego of the sages. He took the form of beggar and started wandering in that forest. When he was crossing by the residence of that sages they were talking about how they are great than normal persons, and with all this they decided not to worship Lord Shiva. They believed that this universe is surviving due to them. 
When Lord Shiva who was in form of beggar heard all these and interrupted them and started to make them wrong. When the egoistic sages saw all this they decided to punish to Lord Shiva. They made lot of snakes and a devil by the power of their tenacity. They all attacked on Lord Shiva to kill him. After looking all this Shiv took a very different form of dancing and killed all the devils and snakes. In Statue of Natrajan has shown that Lord Shiva is surrounded by snakes, after looking the admirable form of Lord Shiva sages ego has broken within a second. They all understood the dignity of Lord Shiva. This statue of Natrajan is known as symbol of creation as well as destruction.